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Low Cost Technology for Screening Early Cancerous Lesions of Oral Cavity in Rural Settings

A Parashari
V Singh
T Mittal
S Ahmed
H Grewal
S Gupta
A Sehgal


Background: Low cost technologies are needed in resource poor rural settings for detection of pre‑cancer and cancer lesions of the oral cavity. Aim: The study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of a low cost technology (Magnivisualizer) for the early detection any lesions of the oral cavity among tobacco users in a resource poor rural field setting. Subjects and Methods: A total of 1329 tobacco users were motivated to come forward for oral examination in the camp organized for this purpose. Their oral cavities were screened with a torch and Magnivisualizer by a Dentist. Results: With torch light, 104/1329 (7.8%) lesions were identified, though only 62/104 (59.6%) positive lesions could be differentiated into various categories. However, through Magnivisualizer 156/1329 (11.7%) lesions were detected and 153/156 (98.1%) positive lesions were differentiated into different categories. Conclusion: Magnivisualizer offers an alternative instrument for detecting most of the early cancerous and high‑grade precancerous lesions and it can be used in the rural field settings.

Keywords: Low cost technology, Oral cancer, Pre‑cancer detection, Screening for pre‑cancers, Visual inspection

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print ISSN: 2141-9248