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Reservoir Complete Denture in a Patient with Xerostomia Secondary to Radiotherapy for Oral Carcinoma: A Case Report and Review of Literature

R Ladda, VO Kasat, SA Gangadhar, S Baheti, AJ Bhandari


Xerostomia refers to a subjective sensation of dry mouth. A variety of factors can cause xerostomia including radiotherapy (RT) given for the treatment of oral carcinoma. Depending on the cause, treatment is provided to a patient suffering from xerostomia. In severe xerostomia salivary substitutes can be used and if the xerostomic patient is edentulous, then reservoir space for artificial salivary substitute can be created in partial as well as complete upper or lower dentures. The methods advocated so far for incorporating reservoir space in mandibular complete denture are costly, time consuming and require extra.laboratory steps. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to report a simpler method for fabrication of mandibular reservoir denture in a 67-year-old edentulous male patient suffering from xerostomia due to RT for oral carcinoma.

Keywords: Oral carcinoma, Radiotherapy, Reservoir denture, Salivary substitute, Xerostomia
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