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Mucoepidermoid Lung Carcinoma in Child

KS Jayaprakash, HL Kishanprasad, M Ismail, M Raju, A Dasguptha


Mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) is a rare malignant tumor arising from the bronchial gland. A case of 6.year.old male child who presented with fever, hemoptysis and wheezing since 1month is reported. Chest X.ray showed features suggestive of foreign body with post.obstructive pneumonia and was treated for the same with medication without much improvement. Subsequently computerized tomography scan chest was carried out, which showed oval mass with speculated margin in right hilar region with distal segmental atelectasis. Bronchoscopy showed small growth with nodularity in the apical segmental bronchus of the right lower lobe with mucosal erosion and hence carried out broncho-alveolar lavage showed few atypical squamous cells. Patient underwent right lower lobectomy, which showed a grey white oval mass with solid and cystic areas in the right hilar region with extension in to the lung parenchyma. Histology of the tumor showed mixed solid and cystic areas with sheets of epidermoid cells and mucus-filled cysts of irregular size. Areas of solid growth were composed of squamoid and intermediate cells. Hence, the final diagnosis of mucoepidermoid carcinoma (MEC) intermediate grade of the lung was made. Early diagnosis can be accomplished if the clinician is alert to persistent pneumonia, coughing and tumor obstruction on image studies. MEC is a comparatively rare low.grade tumor, which reportedly carries a good prognosis with early surgical intervention.

Keywords: Lobectomy, Lung, Mucoepidermoid carcinoma, Periodic acid-Schiff
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