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Cross sectional evaluation of awareness of prevention of dental caries among general paediatricians in Ghaziabad district, India

P Kumar, P Kumar, A Dixit, V Gupta, HP Singh, V Sargaiyan


Background: Oral diseases are largely preventable and it is hoped that with the early exposure to oral health‑care activities, the prevalence of oral diseases will be reduced in children and they would be more receptive to dental services.
Aim: The present study evaluated the awareness of prevention of dental caries among pediatricians in Ghaziabad district, India.
Subjects and Methods: A cross‑sectional survey was undertaken among the pediatricians in Ghaziabad district, India. Total subjects including in the survey were 88 pediatricians, through systemic random sampling. Both the gender was including Male‑37.8% (35/88) and Female‑62.2% (53/88). Pre‑tested, structured and self administered questionnaire was used in the survey and data analysis was done by using ‘SPSS’ software version 16.0 (IBM, United States).
Results: Our study indicated that most of the pediatricians in Ghaziabad district had moderate knowledge 39.7% (35/88), followed by good knowledge 36.5% (32/88) and poor knowledge 23.8% (21/88) about dental caries. Practice guidelines and opinions of pediatricians in the survey were moderate 64.7% (57/88) in about more than half, followed by poor 23.8% (21/88) and followed by good 11.5% (10/88). The attitude for prevention of dental caries was positive in almost everybody 81.8% (72/88).
Conclusion: The present survey concluded that pediatricians in Ghaziabad district, India had a good attitude and practices, but had moderate knowledge and lacked proper awareness about dental caries.

Keywords: Dental caries, Pediatricians, Prevention

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