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Gene susceptibility in Iranian asthmatic patients: a narrative review

R Alizadeh‑Navaei, A Rafiei, A Hedayatizadeh‑Omran, I Mohammadzadeh, M Arabi


As environmental factors are important in the development of asthma, genetic factors could have a critical role in the expression of the disease. Hence, we carried out a systematic review to assess the susceptible genes for asthma in Iranian population. We conducted a literature search by using the electronic database PubMed, Biological Abstracts Web of Science, Current Contents Connect, Cinahl, ScienceDirect, Scopus, IranMedex, and Scientific Information Database to identify articles that evaluated the association between genetic variants and the risk of asthma in Iranian population (until April 30, 2012). The search terms were used include: Asthma and gene in combination with Iran for international database. The following criteria were used for selecting literatures in this review: The study should evaluate the association between gene polymorphism and risk of asthma in Iranian population, and the study should be a case‑control design with normal subject as ac control group that published in a journal. Finally, 14 case‑control studies were extracted from local and international database. In this study, we reviewed 38 polymorphisms in 19 genes. Polymorphism in interleukin‑13 (IL‑13), IL‑10, IL‑1, IL‑2, IL‑12, E‑Selectin, S128R and Exon 9 Vitamin D Receptor were susceptible for asthma and polymorphism in chemokine receptor 5, transforming growth factor‑a (TGF‑a), Intron 8 of the Vitamin D Receptor, angiotensin‑converting enzyme gene, IL‑6 and interferon‑c were not susceptible for asthma in Iranian population. Polymorphism in IL‑4, tumor necrosis factor‑α and TGF‑b had inconsistent findings. This systematic review indicated that three polymorphisms (IL‑13, IL‑10, and IL‑1) are associated with risk of asthma in Iranian population.

Keywords: Allergic asthma, Gene susceptibility, Polymorphism
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