Influence of Functional Head Postures on the Dynamic Functional Occlusal Parameters

  • SB Haralur
  • SM Al‑Gadhaan
  • AS Al‑Qahtani
  • A Mossa
  • WA Al‑Shehri
  • MK Addas
Keywords: Occlusal parameters, Head postures, Restorative rehabilitation


 Background: The dentist utilizes supine position during therapeutic procedures, while the patients assumes extended head posture during mastication. It is critical for the restorative dentist to evaluate and understand the possible effect of change in head posture on occlusal contacts. An understanding of the possible effect will help in better restorative rehabilitation. Aim: The aim of the following study is to evaluate the influence of head postures on the dynamic occlusal parameters. Subjects and Methods: Study group consisted of 50 students from College of Dentistry, King Khalid University. The students were selected randomly from the college student body; they were in the age group of 18‑25 years. The head posture evaluated were supine position, upright sitting position and alert feeding position. The head postures were standardized by goniometer and dynamic occlusal contacts were analyzed with Tscan. The data obtained was subjected to statistical analysis with repeated measures of ANOVA to identify the changes in occlusal contacts. Results: The occlusion time was 1.366 (0.484), 1.226 (0.562) and 0.997 (0.429) s for supine, upright and alert feeding position respectively. Disclusion time was for right lateral movement was 0.872 (0.372), 0.629 (0.290) and 0.831 (0.369) s for corresponding head postures. Left lateral disclusion time was 0.621 (0.274), 0.274 (0.345) s for upright and alert feeding posture. Repeated measures of ANOVA showed statistically significant difference between occlusal contacts in different head postures. Conclusion: Within the limitation of the study, it was concluded that there were significant changes in initial occlusal contact, occlusion and disclusion time at all the head postures evaluated in the study.

Keywords: Occlusal parameters, Head postures, Restorative rehabilitation


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print ISSN: 2141-9248