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Mandibular Facial Talon Cusp: A Rare Case Report

RV Prabhu, L Chatra, P Shenai, S Kishore, S Nithin, D Savitha, V Prabhu


Talon cusp (TC) is a relatively uncommon developmental anomaly characterized by cusp‑like projections from the cemento‑enamel junction to a variable distance toward the incisal edge of an anterior tooth. It usually presents on palatal/lingual surface of the anterior teeth. Studies have revealed that it consists of enamel, dentine and a variable amount of pulp tissue. Presence of this cusp on the facial surface of an anterior tooth is a rare finding with very few cases being reported in the literature. The effects of TCs are mainly aesthetic and functional. The management requires a sufficient knowledge of the present clinical entity and the problems associated with it. Early detection and treatment plays a very vital role in avoiding the future complications. The present case reports a 25‑year‑old male patient with a facial TC on the mandibular left central incisor in which a prophylactic enameloplasty was carried out to avoid the stagnation of debris and stain.

Keywords: Dens evaginatus, Eagle’s talon, Facial talon cusp, Mandibular central incisor
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