Case Report: Myomectomy for Retained Placenta Due to Incarcerated Fibroid Mass

  • SU Mbamara
  • ABC Daniyan
  • O Ejenobo
  • IC Mbah
Keywords: Fibroid, Myomectomy, Placenta, Retained


Retained placenta is one of the most common complications of preterm delivery and/or mid‑trimester miscarriage. It is an important cause of increased maternal morbidity and sometimes mortality especially in developing countries. It is associated with several complications that could be tasking to the facility and of great challenge to the obstetrician. Here we present a very rare event in obstetrics which is retained placenta due to incarcerated, posteriorly‑sited fibroid that was successfully managed with myomectomy. 

Key words: Fibroid, Myomectomy, Placenta, Retained


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print ISSN: 2141-9248