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Estimation of Stature from Arm Span in Medical Students of Maharashtra, India

MS Supare
AS Bagul
SV Pandit
JS Jadhav


Background: Stature can be estimated from body parameters in dead and mutilated bodies using regression equation or multiplication factor. However, regression equations and multiplication factors are specific for the region only and canft be used in all population.

 Aim: To formulate regression equation and multiplication factor for the estimation of stature from arm span (AS) for a region in Maharashtra, India.

Subjects and Methods: It was a cross.sectional study, did over a period of 2 years, from October 2011 to September 2013. Four hundred students of three Government medical colleges of Maharashtra, aged 18.24 years were enrolled in the study. Stature and AS were measured and subjected to statistical analysis. Unpaired t.test and simple linear regression were used.

Results: Stature and AS of 400 medical students (219 males and 181 females) were measured. Subjects were divided into six groups depending upon age. Simple regression equation and multiplication factor for male and female and for each age group were derived for estimation of stature. We found correlation coefficient (R) of 0.89 in male and 0.90 in female using simple regression, which shows strong correlation between stature and AS.

Conclusion: Mean stature and AS of male were more than female with statistical significance. Stature can be accurately estimated from AS using simple regression equation or multiplication factor.

Keywords: Arm span, Simple regression, Stature

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print ISSN: 2141-9248