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Candidiasis, A Rare Cause of Gastric Perforation: A Case Report and Review of Literature

FI Ukekwe, C Nwajiobi, MO Agbo, SO Ebede, AO Eni


Fungi are unusually rare causes of gastric perforation, with most cases of gastric perforation occurring as complications of peptic ulcer disease (PUD), nonsteroidal anti‑inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and gastric neoplasms. Here, we report the case of a 70‑year‑old Nigerian male who presented with severe epigastric pain, with no associated history of PUD, NSAIDs use or gastric neoplasm. An emergency exploratory laparotomy was performed and a gastric perforation was discovered and repaired. Histopathological examination of the gastric perforation edge biopsy revealed an intense Candida growth consisting of numerous fungal spores and hyphae invading and destroying the gastric wall. He was subsequently treated with fluconazole antifungal and discharged home after an uneventful postoperative period.

Keywords: Candidiasis, Fluconazole, Gastric perforation, Peritonitis, Surgical pathology
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