The effect of personality traits of managers/supervisor on job satisfaction of medical sciences university staffs

  • G Abedi
  • Q.A. Molazadeh-Mahali
  • B Mirzaian
  • A Nadi-Ghara
  • A.M. Heidari-Gorji
Keywords: Employees, Job satisfaction, Managers, Personality trait


Background: Todays people are spending most of their time life in their workplace therefore investigation for job satisfaction related factors is necessities of researches.

Aim: The purpose of this research was to analyze the effect of manager’s personality traits on employee job satisfaction.

Subjects and Methods: The present study is a descriptive and causative‑comparative one utilized on a statistical sample of 44 managers and 119 employees. It was examined and analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics of Student’s t‑test (independent T), one‑way ANOVA, and Kolmogorov–Smirnov test.

Results: Findings showed that the managers and supervisors with personality traits of extraversion, eagerness to new experiences, adaptability, and dutifulness had higher subordinate employee job satisfaction. However, in the neurotic trait, the result was different.

Conclusion: The results showed that job satisfaction was low in the aspect of neurosis. Based on this, it is suggested that, before any selection in managerial and supervisory positions, candidates receive a personality test and in case an individual has a neurotic trait, appropriate interference takes place both in this group and the employees’ one.

Keywords: Employees, Job satisfaction, Managers, Personality trait


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print ISSN: 2141-9248