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Postoperative Adhesive Intestinal Obstruction from Gossypiboma

SP Kataria, M Garg, S Marwah, D Sethi


Retained foreign bodies after surgery is a rare condition which can have consequences. Foreign bodies forgotten in the abdomen include towels, artery forceps, pieces of
broken instruments or irrigation sets, and rubber tubes. The most common surgically retained foreign body is the laparotomy sponge. Such materials cause foreign body reaction in the
surrounding tissue. The complications caused by these foreign bodies are well known, but cases are rarely published because of implications. We report a case of 41.year.old female admitted with features of intestinal obstruction and had a previous history of hysterectomy performed 2 months back at another hospital. Pathologists must be aware of this entity and
its proper reporting as the cases are liable to go to court. Surgeons must recognize the risk factors that lead to a gossypiboma and take measures to prevent it.

Keywords: Acute abdomen, Africa, Foreign body, Gossypiboma, Granuloma, Sponge
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