Preference for goat meat and milk products consumption in Bauchi state, Nigeria

  • D Zahraddeen
  • ISR Butswat
  • ST Mbap


This study assessed the consumers' preference towards goat meat and milk products consumption in Bauchi State of Nigeria. Data were collected from 1078 respondents randomly sampled from 100 settlements in the 20 Local Government Areas of the state. The data collected were analyzed using chi-square and simple percentage and mean. The results of the study revealed significant (p<0.01) differences in the consumption pattern of meat and milk products produced from goats. However, among the various meat products tsire was most preferred, followed by balangu to other meat products. Very few people were involved in the consumption of goat milk and milk products, with the highest percentage coming from respondents who consume goat milk only on certain occasions. In general, the study indicated that goat meat is well cherished, while milk from goats is unpopular in the state. Since goat milk is known to have high nutritive value, efforts should be intensified to encourage its consumption through extensive health education campaigns.

Animal Production Research Advances Vol. 2(1) 2006: 6-11

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eISSN: 0794-4721