A mysterious zebra-donkey hybrid (zedonk or zonkey) produced under natural mating: A case report from Borana, southern Ethiopia

  • B Megersa
  • D Biffa
  • B Kumsa
Keywords: Zebra-Donkey, Hybrid, Borana, Ethiopia


This is the first record in Ethiopia documenting a zebra-donkey hybrid (Zedonk) produced under natural mating. The male hybrid was foaled from a female zebra sired by male donkey in Madadunun village (about 35 km Northeast of Nagelle Borana town), Southern Ethiopia. Contrary to the earlier held opinion that equine hybrids are sterile; two offsprings were observed to have been foaled from the hybrid. The F1 generation (zendonk) was much larger in size and tougher than its parents, providing more diverse services than local donkeys. This account shows that equine hybrids may give birth to fertile hybrids, and that the genetics of such cases are not yet fully understood.

Keywords: Zebra-Donkey; Hybrid; Borana; Ethiopia

Animal Production Research Advances Vol. 2 (3) 2006: pp. 148-154

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eISSN: 0794-4721