Annals of Pediatric Surgery

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An atypical adenomatoid odontogenic tumour in the mandible: a report of a paediatric case

Kiran N. Devakalavar, Amit Bali, Jatinder P. Singh Chawla, Pavneet K. Pandher


An adenomatoid odontogenic tumour (AOT) is a rare odontogenic tumour that is often misdiagnosed as an odontogenic cyst. To acquire additional information about AOT, all reports regarding AOT that had been cited in ‘Pub Med’ since 1990 onwards were reviewed. AOT accounts for about 1–9% of all odontogenic tumours. It is predominantly found in young and female patients, is located more often in the maxilla, and in most cases is associated with an unerupted permanent tooth. The differential diagnosis between AOT and other odontogenic tumours such as ameloblastoma should be well made to avoid extensive ablative surgery. However, AOT frequently resembles other odontogenic lesions such as dentigerous cysts or ameloblastoma. Immunohistochemically, AOT is characterized by positive reactions with certain cytokeratins. For illustration a rare case of an AOT in the mandible is presented that had atypical findings such as buccolingual cortical perforation and resorption with displacement of adjoining teeth.

Keywords: adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, dentigerous cyst, odontogenic tumor, paediatric case
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