Annals of Pediatric Surgery

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Type IIA2 urethral duplication: report of an unusual case

Amit Gupta, Nitin Pant, Pinaki R. Debnath, Pratap S. Yadav, Surendra K. Agarwala, Rahul Saxena, Rajiv Chadha


This report describes a rare case of type IIA2 sagittal urethral duplication. The presentation, investigation, and management of this rare anomaly are briefly discussed. A 3½-year-old boy presented with urinary obstruction and recurrent urinary tract infection due to a stenosed dorsal urethra and segmental stenosis of the dominant ventral urethra. The child also had left-sided vesicoureteric reflux. Staged surgical management consisted of an initial vesicostomy followed by serial dilatation of the ventral urethral stricture, left ureteric reimplantation, and a 2-cm long distal urethrourethrostomy between the dorsal urethra, opening at the tip of the penis, and the ventral urethra, which had a hypospadic opening at the base of the glans. The functional and cosmetic outcomes were satisfactory. The management needs to be individualized as best suited for the patient.

Keywords: urethra, urethral duplication, urethral stricture

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