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North-SouthMigration and Remittances in Ghana

SA Adaawen, B Owusu


Migrant remittances play an important role in the economic development and the improvement of household welfare in Ghana. The movement of youth from rural Northern Ghana to the South has been a recurrent  research focus. This paper examines the dynamics of north-south  migration of the youth and resulting remittances in Ghana using Accra and Kumasi as study areas. The paper shows that the youth embark on the southward journey with the anticipation of getting employed so as to earn money to be able to remit to support and improve the wellbeing of relations back home. Also, the paper highlights that the young migrants remit varying amounts of money. These monies have been put to different uses, much of which is used in buying food for consumption, the  maintenance of the household and other ventures. The study notes that the mode of savings, the duration and place of stay, the level of income and sex to a larger extent determine the amount of money, frequency and the likelihood that a migrant will remit at any point in time. Most  importantly, the migration of the youth from Northern to Southern Ghana and the remittances sent, play an important role in improving household wellbeing.

Keywords: Remittances, Northern Ghana, North-South Migration, Accra, Kumasi, Susu

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