Digital divides in Sub-Saharan Africa: Gender issues and evidence from Cameroon

  • Tamokwé Piaptie Georges Bertrand
  • Jazet Mezakeng Fidele simpli
Keywords: Gender, Digital divide, Internet adoption, Internet uses


This study aims at answering two questions: Do women have the same determinants of Internet adoption as men? Do they adopt it for the same uses? The answers are mainly positive. However, in the adoption decision, women are different from men mainly due to the negative effects of age and unemployment; these effects being positive for men. Moreover, women have a relatively lesser intensity of use. Age remains a hindering factor while high computer skills and high frequency of computer use improves the intensity of Internet use. This recommends homogeneous policies while especially encouraging young women to use ICT and not to drop out as they grow in age.

Keywords: Gender; Digital divide; Internet adoption; Internet uses


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2042-1478