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Contestation in the Use of Residential space: House Typologies and Residential Land in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

L Magwaro-Ndiweni


The need to accommodate the populace creates competition for space; the outcome of this competition has produced differently zoned areas such as residential areas, shopping centres, parks and office towers. Bulawayo’s residential areas are dominated by one-household units or detached one-storey houses in the middle of large plots of land. Densification in existing city space has absorbed vast population but the current challenge the planners are facing is how to accommodate the increasing population. This paper looks at house types in Bulawayo, and discusses the land shortage within the city’s boundary. The paper also discusses solutions being tried to expand the city. It is envisaged that the edge of the city and outer nodes are areas where new populations will be accommodated through the processes of the Spread, Satellite, and Bead Options. Consciousness about the effects of low-rise housing units seem to be low amongst the policy makers and little is done to promote house and neighbourhood
types that allow higher physical densities. The paper demonstrates the difference between land consumed by low-rise housing units and that consumed by high rise house types.
Keywords: House types, urban space, residential areas, housing

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