Bird species of Mouau with special emphasis on foraging behavior of the northern grey-headed sparrow (Passer griseus)

  • Oghale O’woma OKORE
  • Chidinma AMADI


Ten different bird species were peculiar to the Umudike environment and of these eight were regular thus closely observed and identified. The other two species were scarcely available and may be regarded as visiting birds. The eight species identified were either Passerine or Non-Passerine. The northern grey-headed sparrow (Passer griseus) was one of the Passerine species encountered. The amount of time spent by the birds foraging varied significantly with group size. Pecking rate reduced with increased scanning time. Pecking rate of individuals increased with group size and reduced with increasing group size. Birds in fewer groups will gather food and move away quickly than with smaller groups, the movement characterized by small walks or hops. Scanning rate reduced with increasing group size and increased with reduced group size. Group size was the most determinant factor in determining the relationships between vigilance, hopping and feeding rates.

Keywords: Passerine, Foraging, Pecking rate, Scanning, Hops, Vigilance, Group size


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eISSN: 1597-3115