The role of zoonotic and parasitic agent in bioterrorism the need for biosecurity and biosafety standard and compliance in Nigeria

  • Victor Okey Okonkwo
  • Henry Ejidike Udeze


As a result of new world era of terrorism in 21st century; terrorist have employed different types of weapons to kill and maim people in soft targets. The risk posed by biological agents as a weapon needs evaluation both historical and technological for a better understanding. From historical and technological point of view biological agents are more dangerous and more devastating than other weapons of warfare. The relative ease of production and readily available sources of acquisition coupled with the technical know-how encourages the proliferation of biological weapons. This paper focuses on the role of biological agents (zoonoses and parasites) in bioterrorism the need for biosafety standard compliance to further reduce threat on biosecurity in Nigeria and Africa in general. The threat and antics of bioterrorism is very important and must be taken seriously by all nations.

Keywords: Biosecurity, Zoonotic, Parasitic agent, Bioterrorism, Biosafety, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1597-3115