Effects of antioxidants consumption and low protein diets on liver and intestine histopathology and performance of Japanese quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

  • Mohammadali Jafargolipour
  • Tohid Vahdatpour
  • Hamid Mahmoodpour
  • Sina Vahdatpour


The study investigated the effects of two types of antioxidants, a natural antioxidant (Eselenium) and a synthetic antioxidant (loxidan) in diets containing protein value lower than essential requirements, on performance and histopathological changes in the liver and intestine of Japanese quails. The experimental diets were: Group A – basal diet (control), Group B – 15 % crude protein reduction without recommended antioxidant, Group C – 15 % crude protein reduction plus 1 g/kg E-selenium, Group D – 15 % reduction in crude protein plus 0.2 g/kg loxidan, Group E – 30 % reduction in crude protein without recommended antioxidant, Group F – 30 % reduction in crude protein plus 1 g/kg E-selenium. Group G - 30 % reduction in crude protein plus 0.2 g/kg loxidan. Birds in groups B and E showed a significant reduction (p<0.05) in body weight compared to the control group. Birds fed E-selenium and loxidan exhibited significantly better (p<0.05) body weights compared to the birds in groups D and F groups. Birds in group E fed with 30 % reduction in the dietary protein had significantly higher (p<0.05) liver weights. The relative weight of the intestine decreased in the birds in groups B and E compared to the control group. 15 and 30 % reduction in dietary protein intake of birds caused mild hyperemia and edema of the intestine. The severity of liver congestion and edema were lower in group E birds when compared with birds in group B. Results indicated that the used of two kinds of antioxidants (natural and synthetic) effect on the performance parameters of Japanese quails which were exposed to nutritional stresses (such as reducing dietary protein) compensated parts of the adverse effects. Therefore, antioxidants intake is useful for recovery of quails performance fed low-protein diets.

Keywords: E-Selenium, Loxidan, Intestine, Liver, Performance, Protein, Quail


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eISSN: 1597-3115