Prevalence of Fasciola gigantica, Cysticercus bovis and some other disease conditions of cattle slaughtered in Nsukka urban abattoir

  • G I Ngwu
  • A B Ohaegbula
  • F C Okafor


The prevalence of some parasitic infections and other disease conditions of cattle slaughtered in Nsukka urban abattoir was studied from November to December 2001. The tongues, hearts, masseter muscles, intercostal muscles, lungs, spleens, and livers ocattle were examined for various parasitic infections and disease conditions. The examinations were done by dissection, palpation and other physical procedures. Of the organs examined, the lungs, spleen, and liver were infected. The only case of Cysticercus bovis infection found was in a liver. Also, all cases of Fasciola infections were detected from the liver. Cases of tuberculosis and pneumonia were detected from the lungs. Other disease conditions seen were splenomegaly, jaundice, and telangiactasis. Out of the 150cattle examined, 30 (20%) were infected or have disease. A total of 150 cattle comprising 116 males and 34 females were examined. The distribution of infections is as follows: 1(070%) was infected wth Cysticercus bovis, 15 (10%) with Fasciola gigantica, 4 (2.70%) with tuberculosis. Other disease conditions include 2 (1.33%) with pneumonia, 3(2%) wth telangiactasis, 2(1.33%) with splenomegaly and 2(1.33%) with jaundice. The overall prevalence of the conditions studied in the slaughtered cattle include Cysticercosis bovis 3.33%, Fascioliasis 50%, tuberculosis 13.33%, pneumonia 6.67%, telangiactasis 10%, splenomegaly 6.67% and jaundice 6.67%.

Keywords: Prevalence, Fasciola giganica, Cysticercus bovis, Cattle, disease.

Animal Research International Vol. 1 (1) 2004: pp. 7-11

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eISSN: 1597-3115