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Helminth Fauna Of Tadarida (Chaeraphon) Nigeriae (Thomas, 1913) (Microchiroptera: Molossidae)

F C Okafor
I B Igbinosa
H M Ezenwaji


A checklist of helminth parasites isolated from Tadarida (Chaeraphon) nigeriae is presented. Out of 857 bats examined 658 (76.78%) were infected by helminth parasites. Details of the taxa presented show that 2 were trematodes; 2 were cestodes; and 5 were nematodes. Observation on the distribution of the worms within the host shows that they were found mainly in the alimentary canal and peritoneal cavity. Rictularia was the predominant helminth parasite of these bats in this study with 49.59% of the bats examined found infected with this parasite. Female bats were found with higher infection rates with the helminths than the males. There are similarities in the type of parasites infecting bats collected from Nsukka and those collected from other places. Significant levels of positive associations exist between the parasites. Food habits based on stomach content anayses revealed that in volume and in actual numbers, beetle (Coleoptera) andmoths (Lepidoptera) comprised the major prey items in the diet.

Keywords:Helminths; Tadarida, Prevalence, Similarities, Associations, Foods.

Animal Research International Vol. 1 (1) 2004: pp. 64-69

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eISSN: 1597-3115