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Evaluation Of Snail Mucin Dispersed In <i>Brachystegia</i> Gum Gel As A Wound Healing Agent

M U Adikwu
T C Enebeke


Snail mucin was obtained from the mucilage of Archachatina marginata (Family Arionidae). The wound healing effect of the snail mucin was evaluated wth special attention to the effect when combined with honey in Brachystegia eurychoma gel preparation. Brachystegia eurycoma gum, snail mucin and honey were combined in different concentrations in the treatment of wound madeby excision model in rats. It was observed that mucin when combined with honey and in the Brachystegia eurycoma gel heals faster than when used alone. Brachystegia eurycoma gum was also observed to effect fast healing of the wounds when used alone. Complete healing was observed in 15 days post treatment. Honey in combination with mucin as well as the Brachystegia eurycoma gel should be harnessed in pharmaceutical formulations for the treatment of wounds Brachystegia eurycoma gum in right combinations with mucin and honey for wound healing, prevents bacteria infecion, scar formation and promotes regeneration of hair follicles.

Keywords: Snail mucin, Honey, Brachystegia eurychoma gum, Gel, Wound healing

Animal Research International Vol. 4 (2) 2007 pp. 685-697