Feed intake and nutrient digestibility of West African Dwarf (WAD) goat fed Pennisetum purpureum supplemented with Gmelina arborea

  • II Osakwe
  • RN Udeogu


Nine (9) West African dwarf goats (8 weeks of age,averaging 6.3 + 1.3 kg body weight) were used in a 42 day feeding trial to determine the effec of feeding Pennisetum purpureum supplemented with Gmelina arborea on diet intake and nutrient digesibility of goats. The experimental diets were diets 1 2 and 3 wth 0%, 25%, 50% Gmelina arborea leaves and 100%, 75%, 50% Pennisetum purpureum inclusion respectively. The diets contained between 9.1 – 10% crude protein and the goats were fed 25% of body weight DM or 900 g of fresh feed per day. Result indicated lack of signiicant (P > 005) differences in the final body weight, although there were significant differences (P < 005) on feed intake, weight gain and feed efficiency among the treatment. However, goats on diet 2 performed better than others in all production parameters measured when compared with the control diet. All the nutrients digestibility investigated were significantly affected (P < 001). Result obtained from this study showed that West African dwarf goats can be fed up to 25% Gmelina arborea and 75% Pennisetum purpureum inclusion in diet without loss in body weight performance.

Keywords: Pennisetum, Gmelina, Nutrient digestibility, WAD goats, Feed intake


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-3115