Effect of sprouting and pre-gelatinization on the physicochemical properties of sorghum-pigeon pea composite blend used for the production of breakfast cereal.

  • I.E Mbaeyi
  • J.C Onweluzo
Keywords: Sprouting, Pregelatinization, Breakfast cereal, Sorghum, Pigeon-pea


Sprouted (96-hour) and pregelatinized (780C) sorghum grains were milled and blended with graded proportion of pigeon-pea and used in formulating flaked breakfast cereal. A commercial ready-to-serve breakfast cereal served as product control. The flour blends and formulated products were subjected to the physicochemical quality analyses using standard methods. Results of the amylose content of the pregelatinized sample showed higher (p<0.05) amylose content than the sprouted samples. The sorghum samples used for the study showed pregelatinization temperature range of 680C and time of 10 minutes, respectively. Pregelatinization treatment increased the amylose content. Supplementation of sorghum with pigeon pea significantly (p<0.05) increased the protein and fat contents of the composite flour and reduced the ash and moisture contents significantly (p <0.05). Both treatments (pregelatinization and sprouting) reduced tannin, cyanide and phytic acid contents.

Key words: Sprouting, Pregelatinization, Breakfast cereal, Sorghum, Pigeon-pea


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eISSN: 1119-7455