Assessment of farmers’ perception of the effectiveness of Songhai - Delta fish culture training programme in Delta state, Nigeria

  • A Aphunu
  • MT Ajayi
Keywords: Farmers’ perception, effectiveness, Songhai-Delta, training programme


The study assessed the effectiveness of Songhai-Delta fish culture training programme. A structured questionnaire was used to elicit information from forty two trainees. A majority (86.7%) of the respondents were male, aged between 30-49 years with majority having secondary and tertiary
education. The respondents had good perception of the trainers and the training programme organization and administration but felt that the content of the training was not fully relevant to the respondents’ problems (x= 3.47). Also, there was insufficient time for practice (x =3.3) and training duration and time were inadequate (x= 2.40). The respondents reported that there was no significant increase in their knowledge and skills after the training programme. They however adopted many fish culture technologies after the training. Major perceived constraint to the training programme was distance to the training centre (x = 3.67). It was recommended that there is a need for proper training needs analysis before training activities are carried out and there is a need for re-training of the centre’s staff in areas of adult training to make the centre’s training more effective.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-7455