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An interactive computer program for South African urban primary school children to learn about traffic signs and rules

Aubrey Fransman
Barry Richter
Schalk Raath


Road accidents significantly contribute to severe injury and death of young children. Knowledge of road safety signs and traffic rules are regarded as necessary basic knowledge to improve the safety of children in traffic situations. Resources available for the education and learning of road signs and road safety rules for learners are limited. This study assessed the effectiveness of an interactive computer program as a teaching tool to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge base of young children on road safety in South Africa. A quasiexperimental approach was employed to conduct this study. Primary school learners (n= 75) aged 11 - 12 years participated in the pilot study. Findings indicated that there was a meaningful change in the learner’s knowledge of road signs and road safety rules after participation in the program.

Keywords: pedestrians, road safety rules, traffic signs, education and learning of road safety rules