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Vermi-Assisted Bioremediation of Used Engine Oil Contaminated Soil

A O Ameh
N S Maina
I A Mohammed-Dabo
J M Ande


Effect of earthworm innoculation on vermi-assisted bioremediation of spent engine oil contaminated soil was investigated. The rate of biodegradation of used engine oil was studied for a period of fourteen weeks under laboratory conditions. After 14 weeks, the control sample (without earthworm or organic amendment), the bio-stimulated sample (with organic amendment but without worms) and the earthworm-innoculated sample (with organic amendment and earthworms) recorded 10.08%, 24.33% and 91.92% reduction in pertroleum hydrocarbon content respectively. The co-application of organic amendment and earthworm is recommended for the accelaration of bioremediation of used engine oil contaminated soil.

Keywords: cassava peels; used engine oil; bacterial flora; kinetics; Eudriluseugeniae

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print ISSN: 1596-6305