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Fourier-transform Infrared Characterization of Kaolin, Granite, Bentonite and Barite

U O Aroke
A Abdulkarim
R O Ogubunka


Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) is a technique that is used to identify the functional group and the finger prints present in a particular sample. In this characterization, Kaolin clay from Wanka Kirfi and Granite from Kafin Tafawa in Bauchi state while Bentonite and Barite from free zone drilling company, Port-Harcourt, River state have been analyzed within the mid infrared region using Perkin Elmer 1310 infrared spectrophotometer. The result obtained showed that mineral contents of the samples free hydroxyl were within the spectra region of 3900-3820cm-1. Diazonium salts at the peak region frequency of 3200-3100cm-1, organic substance at peak region of 2900-2700cm-1, by comparing the spectra obtained with those present in literatures. These indicate that the Si-O, Si-O-Al, Si-O-Fe, Al-Mg-OH, Si-OH, Ba-S-O and Si-O-Si groups prevailed in the FTIR spectral measurement of the samples which are indication of the finger prints and functional group based on their group. Other distinct spectra with octahedral, polyhedral stretching vibration and symmetric stretching bonds of SO42- and CO32- modes in barite and granite spectrum indicate the presence of the calcite group common to most clays.

Keywords: characterization; clays; infrared; minerals; spectroscopy

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print ISSN: 1596-6305