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Pareto Analysis on the Total Quality Management (TQM) Status of the Nigerian Design Firms

D Kado
K Bala
M. A. Dandajeh


This research sought to establish the status of the Nigerian Design Firms using European Construction Institute (ECI) Total Quality Management Matrix; and identified major factors responsible for the poor performance of the Nigerian design firms. Data for the study was obtained from a sample of 237 design firms across the country using ECI measurement matrix. Results were computed as outlined by ECI which was used to establish the status of the firms. Pareto Analysis was conducted to identify the vital factors. Result of ECI measurement matrix revealed that the Nigerian Building Design Firms scored an overall average of 27.4 points which placed them in the 4th ECI category – 'the Start of Improvement.' This indicated poor performance. Three quality factors identified using the Pareto Analysis were 'Training, awareness, education and skill' (3.3 ECI score), 'Objective measurement and feedback' (3.4) and 'Natural use of TQ tools and techniques' (3.4). Therefore, firms' programme relating to TQM should be improved beyond partial implementation. In particular, staff training should be provided, firms should create environment for natural use of TQM tools and techniques, while objective measurement and feedback be established.

Keywords: Design Firms, Measurement Matrix, Pareto Analysis, Quality Factors, Total Quality Management.

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print ISSN: 1596-6305