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Level of Preparedness of Nigeria on Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 13

Isiyaka ibrahim
Ahmed Chinade Abdullahi


This study examines Nigeria's level of preparedness in achieving SDG 13 on climate action before the 2030 deadline. The study adopted a qualitative approach using a case study of twoinstitutions responsible for the implementation of SDG 13 in Nigeria. Two national policies  were appraised; these include National Policy on the Environment (NPE) of 2016 and the National Climate Change Policy Response and Strategy (NCCPRS), 2012. The study used the baseline finding and the interview conducted with the institutions to determine Nigeria's Government level of preparedness in achieving SDG 13 on Climate action. The findings showed that Nigeria has the right set of policies to enable the achievement of the SDG 13 and its targets since the 2016 revised NPE and the 2012 NCCPRS have captured all the targets of SDG 13. Hence, it is possible to meet the targets before the deadline of 2030. However, the findings also revealed, despite having the right policies, the two main institutions responsible for the goal implementation are not well-prepared due to lack of structures at the local government level and insufficient funding as well as inadequate personnel. The study recommends that the government should ensure the provision of adequate funding and the establishment of structures at the Local government level to enable them to implement the policies.

 Keywords: Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Change, Climate Action, Environmental Policies, Nigeria.

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