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An Evaluation of Utilities, Facilities and Services Performance in University of Jos and Plateau State University, Bokkos

O.S. Egegwu
M.U. Bello
N. Iruaganachi


The research was aimed at assessing the levels of facilities performance in University of JosĀ  and Plateau State University, Bokkos, with a view of improving the levels of facilities performance of both universities for efficiency, effectiveness, and sustainable performance of the facilities to attain the intended life expectancy of the both universities' facilities and other similar tertiary institutions both within and outside Nigeria. The research employed a crosssectional survey design and a quantitative research approach. The research used close-ended questionnaire instruments to collect relevant and pertinent data. A total of three hundred and twenty-two (322) and two hundred and eighty-five (285) questionnaires were administered to the respondents, 200 level, 300 level, and 400 level students on the campus of both universities respectively. Out of the total number of the questionnaires administered to the respondents, two hundred and eighty-five (285) and two hundred and eleven (211) were retrieved and used. The study adopted simple random sampling for arriving at the sample size. The research data were analyzed descriptively using SPSS Version 22. The findings revealed that levels of facilities performance for student hostels, toilets, water, and electricity was ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively followed by other facilities in the University of Jos. Furthermore, levels of facilities performance for student hostels, toilets, and lecture theatres were ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively followed by other facilities for Plateau State University. The study recommended that; Catering services, shopping for toiletries, and cafeteria, and waste disposal should be adequately provided for students in a serene learning environment in the University of Jos. Water and electricity, catering services, computer and ICT, sports facilities, and waste disposal should as a matter of urgency adequately provided for in the institution for students to improve their wellbeing and be mentally alerted to learn trends in information communication technology and other aspects and meet up with international best practices. Government or stakeholders of the universities should develop facilities service performance assessment for facilities managers for evaluating and communicating the performance of the services of facilities and also to detect any defects and replace it as this would help in extending the lifespan of the facilities in both Universities.

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