Ochetostoma Erythrogrammon (Leuckart & Rüppell 1828) (Echiurida) from Isipingo Beach, Natal, South Africa

  • Michael Webb


The first record of O. erylhrogrammon from Isipingo was found in a crevi<le at the highwater mark. The specimen has a mucilaginous cap covering the posterior end of the trunk. The anatomy shows that the intestinal siphon terminates posteriorly at the opening of the rectal diverticulum into the rectum. There is a pair of anal vesicles beset with numerous stalked ciliated funnels. Replacement setae are found associated with each of the two functional setae. Each nephridium is provided with a single outgrowth which divides into two coiled appendages. There are 12 muscle bundles of limited extent.


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