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Early development and larval behaviour of a minnow, <i>Barbus anopius</i> (Pisces: Cyprinidae)

J.A. Cambray


The chubbyhead barb, Barbus anoplus, underwent a population explosion in the early phases of filling of Lake be Roux on the Orange River. This successful colonization was possibly related to the survival strategy of the young stages of this minnow. It is suggested that some of the development traits of B. anoplus enabled it to become the most widespread freshwater fish species south of the Limpopo River. The development and behaviour of embryos and larvae of B. anoplus are described and discussed with reference to their survival strategy and potential colonizing ability. Some of the protolarvae were pelagic and the relevance of this behaviour is noted.

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eISSN: 2224-073X
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