Book Reviews

  • Jay O'Keefe
  • Alan N. Hodgson
  • H.R. Hepburn
  • H.C. Robertson
  • Martin Villet
  • D Scriven


Book Review 1

Book Title: Ecotoxicology. The Study of Pollutants in Ecosystems. (Second edition)

Book Author: F. Moriarty

Academic Press, 1988. 289 pages.

Book Review 2

Book Title: Ecology of Sandy Shores

Book Authors: A.C. Brown & A. McLachlan

Elsevier, 1990. 328 pages.

Book Review 3

Book Title: Ecology and Natural History of Tropical Bees

Book Author: David W. Roubik

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1989

Book Review 4

Book Title: The Ants

Book Authors: Bert Hölldobler & Edward O. Wilson

The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts,1990. 732 pages.

Book Review 5

Book Title: Social Insects: an evolutionary approach to castes and reproduction

Book Author: Edited by W. Engels

Springer Verlag, Berlin 1990. 265 pages.

Book Review 6

Book Title: Mathematical Biology

Book Author: J.D. Murray

Springer-Verlag, New York, 1989. 767 pages. Volume 19 in the Biomathematics series.


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