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Carol Simon, Theresa Wossler


Editorial Expression of Concern:“Newrecords of a threatened lion population (Panthera leo) ina
West African national park”

African Zoology is publishing an Editorial Expression of Concern regarding the following article:

“New records of a threatened lion population (Panthera leo) in a West African national park” by Francesco Maria Angelici, Massimiliano Di Vittorio and Fabio Petrozzi, which appeared in African Zoology 47(2): 353–357, October 2012. In April 2014, concerns were expressed regarding the video footage complementing this article. As a result, the above article published in African Zoology, as well as the Letters to the Editor (African Zoology 49(1): 1–4, 2014), have been retracted and neither the electronic nor the print version of the article or letters should be cited.

Carol Simon and Theresa Wossler
African Zoology

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