Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Chicken Anaemia Virus in Khartoum State-Sudan

  • I A Salha
  • A M Abdelhamid
  • S A Kheir
  • S A Egbal
Keywords: chicken anaemia virus, prevalence, risk factors, Khartoum-Sudan


A total of 450 serum samples were collected from commercial chicken of 25 farms in different areas in Khartoum State (210 layers and 240 broilers) in 2012. the samples were analysed for chicken anaemia virus antibodies using indirect enzyme linked immuno-sorbant assay The overall prevalence rate of CAV antibodies was 73.3% and that of layers and broiler flocks were 95.7% and 53.8% respectively. The highest value (85.1) was recorded in the Omdurman Governate and Ombada locality (100%) while the lowest (43.2) recorded in Khartoum governate in Jabelawlia. The governate, locality, type of production, breeds, age, poultry population, husbandry system, body condition, source of poultry, floor type and vaccinations were the risk factors that significantly associated with CAV antibodies. These factors were analysed using logistic regression. It is found that, the increased risk of odds of being CAV positive was associated with governate, type of production, poultry population, husbandry system, source of poultry and vaccination (p≤0.05). Urgent need therefore exists to initiate a realistic programe for surveillance, control and eradication of this disease in Sudan especially the use of suitable vaccines for safeguarding poultry health and production in the country.

Keywords: chicken anaemia virus, prevalence, risk factors,Khartoum-Sudan


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eISSN: 0378-9721