Response of Primiparous Uda Ewe to Concentrate Supplementation

  • M O Oyeyemi
  • O S Ajani
  • J O Ajayi
Keywords: Primiparous Uda Ewe, Concentrate Supplement, Heamatology, Serum Chemistry


Eight Uda weighing between 34-39kg, and aged 2-3years were used for this study. They were fed with 2kg of concentrate supplement (per day) divided into two parts (morning and evening). The weight all the ewes were taken before the commencement of feed supplementation, and for 14 weeks after at 2 weeks interval. Blood samples were collected for haematology and serum chemistry before the commencement of feeding. A significant increase (P<0.05) in weight of the Uda ewe was observed after the commencement of feed supplementation. A microcytic hypochromic anaemia which is believed to be nutritionally induced was observed. Certain nutrients needed for haemopoesis in a large sheep breed were believed to be inadequate. Furthermore reduction of Blood glucose, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Total Protein following supplementation corroborates the inadequacies in the constituents of the ration used. It was concluded that this ration may only be beneficial to support physiological functions in a large breed of sheep like the Uda breed provided extensive mineral supplementation as well as crude protein and energy level are increased.

Keywords: Primiparous Uda Ewe, Concentrate Supplement, Heamatology, Serum Chemistry.


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eISSN: 0378-9721