Genetic diversity of Cameroon native goat populations revealed by caprine microsatellites

  • F Meutchieye
  • EPJ Ngono
  • M Agaba
  • A Djikeng
  • Y Manjeli
Keywords: Characterization, biodiversity, goat, ecotypes, selection


A total of seventeen caprine microsatellite markers were used on 169 goats to investigate genetic diversity of eight Cameroon native goats and to assess genetic differentiation with the east African small goat. All microsatellites showed a high polymorphic content (PIC) of more than 0.5 in almost all ecotypes. Thus demonstrating that these microsatellite markers were useful for within and between ecotypes variability appraisal of domestic goat. Expected heterozygosity of all ecotypes was above 0.5, varying from 0.2 to 0.7. Only goats from Rain forest-east ecotype deviated from Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium test (P>0.001). Although geographic distribution was a good indication of differentiation there appeared a tendency of genetic exchange between various ecotypes in Cameroon native goats.

Key words : Characterization, biodiversity, goat, ecotypes, selection


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eISSN: 0378-9721