Leukocyte profile of different breeds of the Nigerian cattle in haemoparasitic infection

  • N Okwelum
  • SO Iposu
  • OS Sowande
  • OF Smith
Keywords: Differential counts, Nigerian cattle breeds, Parasitology.


An examination of the leukocyte profile of different breeds of cattle was carried out to determine the effects of haemoparasites, sex aand breed on the leukoctes. The effects of haemoparasite, sex and breed on the leukocytes were determined using parasitological methods. A total of 452 cattle comprising of 174 cows and 278 bulls were examined. The breeds included 78 ‘Red Bororo’, 14 ‘Sokoto Gudali’ and 360 ‘White Fulani’. The total white blood cell (WBC) count and differential counts of WBC were determined using Neubauer Chamber and Thin blood smear techniques. Data generated were analysed using Genstat statistical software, with sex, breed and haemparasite species detected as factors. Results showed that 22% of the cattle were infected with haemoparasites while 78% were parasite-free. The parasites were Trypanosoma congolence (4%), Anaplasma centrale (2%), Babesia bovis (14%), A. centrale + B. bovis (1%) and Babesia divergens (1%). Parasite species identified significantly did not influence (P < 0.001) the WBC and the differential counts (neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and monocytes). Since there is fluctuation of the various fractions of the leukocytes in the course of haemoparasite infection, this may explain for the insignificant influence of the factor (haemoparasite) on the mean values of the leukocytes.

Key words: Differential counts, Nigerian cattle breeds, Parasitology.


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eISSN: 0378-9721