Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Comparative utilization and cost benefit of feeding three novel ingredients to broiler chickens

DA Ekunseitan, OO Balogun, D Eruvbetine, SS Abiola, OA Adeyemi, AI Iyanda


This study was conducted to determine the effect of feeding three differently processed discarded vegetable-bovine blood-rumen content mixture on nutrient digestibility and cost benefits of broiler chickens. A total of 1,080 day-old Marshal broiler chickens were fed diet containing discarded vegetablefresh bovine blood-fresh rumen digesta (P1), discarded vegetable-ensiled bovine blood-fresh rumen digest (P2) and discarded vegetable-fresh bovine blood-ensiled rumen digesta (P3) at three levels of inclusion (0, 3 and 6%) at the starter phase while 540 of the birds were transferred and redistributed in the finisher phase of the experiment. Performance indices of birds were taken weekly. Data obtained on nutrient digestibility and cost benefits were subjected to 3 x 3 factorial arrangement in a completely randomized design. Results showed birds on P3 had higher crude protein, ether extract and Nitrogen free extract digestibilities than birds fed P1 and P2 at the starter phase. At the finisher phase, digestible ether extract and crude fibre were highest in birds fed P3. Also, digestible nitrogen-free extract was best at 6 % level of inclusion. Increasing level of inclusion of the three processing methods revealed an increase in value of digestible ether extract of the birds except at P3. The best Cost/kg weight gain value was obtained in birds at 0% level of inclusion while values for 3 and 6 % level of inclusion were statistically (P>0.05) similar at the finisher phase. There was also a decrease in the cost/kg weight gain values in P2 and P3 as the inclusion level increased from 0 - 30% at the finisher phase. This study revealed that, in terms of cost of production and for enhanced growth performance, broiler chickens could be fed diets containing discarded vegetable-fresh bovine blood-ensiled rumen digesta (P3) up to 6% level of inclusion.

Keywords: Nutrient digestibility, cost benefits, novel ingredients, discarded vegetable, bovine blood, rumen content

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