Productivity and nutritive value of three grass-legume mixtures in the Sudan savannah zone Kano state, Nigeria.

  • M Baba
  • I A Gumel
  • I R Muhammad
Keywords: Chemical composition, Dry matter, Grass, Legume, Morphological characteristics


The experiment was conducted at the screen house of Agronomy Department of the Faculty of Agriculture Bayero University Kano Nigeria to evaluate the dry matter yield and nutritive value of three grass-legume mixtures. The mixtures (Sorghum almum-Lablab purpureus, Sorghum almum-Stylosanthes hamata and Sorghum almum-Macroptilium bracteatum) were sown at 50:50 ratio in 12 plastic pots with the dimensions (62cm) width, (31cm) base width and (28cm) depth. The experimental design was a completely randomized design repeated 4 times. Results of the study indicated that Sorghum almum-Lablab purpureus mixture recorded numerically higher dry matter yield (7806 kg dm/hectare) compared to other mixtures, similarly leaf area for grass (46.4) and legume (25.03) as well as number of grass tillers (18.25) tended to be higher in Sorghum almum-Lablab purpureus mixture. Chemical composition parameters such as crude protein (CP 19.9%), Ash (6.57%), calcium (Ca 3.42 g/kg) and magnesium (Mg 1.63 g/kg) were observed to be higher in Sorghum almum-Lablab purpureus while ADF (32%) and NDF (44%) values were the least. In the same vein, other nutritive value indices such as digestible dry matter (DDM 63.9 %) dry matter intake as a percentage of body weight (DMI 2.83 %) and relative feed value (RFV 138.9 %) were also numerically higher in Sorghum almum-Labab purpureus mixture compared to other mixtures Based on dry matter yield, morphological characteristics and nutritive value parameters, Sorghum almum-Lablab-purpureus mixture was recommended.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-9721