Effects of superliv® supplementation in feed on some biochemical parameters and egg quality indices of post peak shika brown layers

  • G.I. Jibike
  • R.O.A. Arowolo
  • G Ada
Keywords: Superliv, Blood chemistry, Egg quality, Feed supplements, Layers


To explore the mechanisms for production performance enhancement effects of Superliv®(Superliv), an Ayurvedic proprietary herbal supplement for livestock and poultry, post peak Shika Brown layers were exposed to the herbal mixture in feed and monitored over 12 weeks for effects on some blood chemistry and egg quality parameters. Fifty post peak Shika Brown layer chickens that have been in lay for over 38 weeks were randomly assigned to treatment groups A-E of 10 birds each. Group A hens received plain feed and served as control while groups B, C, D or E were fed diets supplemented with Superliv at the rate of 250g, 500g, 750g or 1000g per ton respectively, during a study period of 12 weeks. They were assessed before supplementation and subsequently, weekly; for biochemical parameters such as whole blood glucose, total serum protein, serum albumin and globulin as well as egg quality factors including: egg weight, albumen index, percentage shell, shell thickness, specific gravity and Haugh unit scores. From the results obtained, Superliv supplementation in feed caused significant decreases in overall mean total serum proteins (p<0.010) and serum albumin (p<0.018), increases in overall mean whole blood glucose concentration (p<0.020) but no significant changes in serum globulin as well as all egg quality factors evaluated. It is suggested that Superliv may promote production performance in post peak Shika Brown hens by enhancing the mobilization of plasma proteins into tissue sites for egg and body weight building. No adverse changes in egg quality traits may be associated with Superliv feed supplementation in layers.

Keywords: Superliv, Blood chemistry, Egg quality, Feed supplements, Layers


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eISSN: 0378-9721