Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Serological detection of Brucella suis antibodies amongst pigs in Kaduna state, Nigeria

B M J Adah, H O K Olabode


Increasing reports of poor production associated with swine brucellosis necessitated this serological study. This study was carried out to establish the prevalence of swine brucellosis in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Three hundred (300) sera were randomly collected from porcine species between July – December, 2012 from abattoirs, household pigpens, markets and pig farms in three senatorial zones (Samaru, Kaduna metropolis and Kafanchan).The sera were analyzed at the Department of Veterinary Microbiology Diagnostic Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Kaduna state. This sero- assay was carried out using Test-itTM Brucella (Porcine) Lateral Flow Assay Kits in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Out of the 300 sera analyzed 29.3% (88) were positive for brucella antibodies. Male pigs (175) and female pigs (125) were tested, with 14.67% of both male and female pigs were positive. Pigs (11%) within the age range 11-15 months showed the highest antibody titers and least within the age group greater than 26 months. Breed distribution revealed 25.0% local and 4.3% exotic breeds respectively were positive. There was significant association (p<0.05) between seropositive reactors and age. No association (p>0.05) was established for sex and breed with swine brucella seropositivity. This study showed high prevalence of swine brucellosis in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Hence, the need for effective biosecurity measures during swine breeding, production, slaughtering and marketing to prevent economic losses as well as potential zoonosis during diagnostic handling of suspicious samples.

Keywords: Seroprevalence, Brucella suis antibodies, Pigs, Kaduna state, Nigeria.

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