Survey of pasturalists’ knowledge, attitude and practices with regard to tuberculosis in Katsina state, Nigeria

  • H M Dahiru
  • B Y Kaltungo
  • M Babashani
  • S N A Saidu
  • U S Abdullahi
  • A Y Baba
Keywords: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, Tuberculosis, Katsina State.


In a study to determine the Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) of pastoralists in Katsina State of Nigeria in relation to tuberculosis, 592 pastoralists were selected from two Local Government Areas (LGAs) from each of the three senatorial districts of the State. Two Wards were also selected from each of the LGAs. The study showed that 96.76% of the respondents knew 5 animal diseases while 8.27% and 4.05% knew 10 and 15 animal diseases respectively. Also, 71.60% of them knew tuberculosis in animals and man and also its Treatment Centres. Their sources of knowledge of these diseases included Veterinarians, (28.50%), hospitals (6.70%), friends (4.56%), fellow herdsmen (3.37%), and electronic media (31.25%). Signs of tuberculosis they knew in cattle included coughing (61.48%), weight loss 18.90%, death 16.80%, and others (6.70%). They indicated its methods of transmission in animals to included ingestion 15.20%, drinking contaminated water 36.60% and closeness with other animals (10.49%). In man they included drinking contaminated milk 36.48% in addition to consumption of contaminated meat 33.10% and closeness to infected individuals30.40%. With regard to their attitude to tuberculosis, 87.80% of the respondents were eating roasted meat and drinking milk daily along with taking milk directly from the udder of their cattle (35.10%) and consuming sheep and goats’ milk (30.40%). Practices of respondents’ indicated54.50% of them managing their cattle under extensive system and used community ponds to water their animals. Consequently, there is need for public enlightenment towards the dangers of tuberculosis

Key words: Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, Tuberculosis, Katsina State.


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