Detection of pencillin residue in cow milk at Kombolcha dairy farms, Northeastern Ethiopia

  • Yalelet Worku
  • Amare Muluneh
  • Addisu Tamir
  • Shahid Nazir
Keywords: Cow, Ethiopia, Delvotest, Penicillin-residues, raw-milk


The use of antibiotics in dairy cattle for the treatment of diseases such as mastitis has contributed to the presence of residues in dairy products. Penicillin is commonly used veterinary drug to treat mastitis in dairy cattle. However, abundant use of it may be associated with the presence of its residues in milk at unsafe concentrations that can adversely affect public health. Therefore the present study was undertaken to detect penicillin residues in milk from six private dairy farms at Kombolcha North East Ethiopia during the time period between December 2015 and March 2016. A total of 100 milk samples were collected from healthy lactating cows of six dairy farms and were screened for Penicillin residues by using Delvotest SP NT. Moreover a questionnaire survey was carried out by personal interviews with all of the dairy farm owners from whom milk samples were taken, to assess their awareness about dairy farm management practices and antibiotic residues. Penicillin residues (at five parts per billion or higher) were found in 36% of the samples test. Prevalence of penicillin residues in different farms ranged from 25% to 50%. Questionnaire survey among the dairy farm owners established that not a single dairy farm owner ever used antibiotic test kit for detection of residues. Similarly post milking teat dipping, marking of milking equipment for treated cows and dry cow therapy for controlling mastitis was practised only in one dairy farm out of 6 farms. 4 farm owners (66.6%) knew the impact of residue in milk processing manufactures, however all of them were aware of antibiotic residues of having public health impact, drug withdrawal period, and all of them used different milking equipment and kept records for treated cows. The results of the present investigation indicate that penicillin residues exist within the milk of dairy farms in Kombolcha town. Co-ordinated nationwide surveillance of animals’ by products for antibiotics residues is required together with determining their concentration, and initiating monitoring programmes and awareness campaigns to sensitize the populace on the dangers associated with residues in animal products in Ethiopia

Key words: Cow, Ethiopia, Delvotest, Penicillin-residues, raw-milk


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eISSN: 0378-9721