Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Antibiotics susceptibility pattern of Escherichia coli strains isolated from broiler and layer chickens with colisepticemia in Sudan

MEN Iman, AK Khalda, II Jeddah, AM AlHassan, ESA Rahim, AA Salwa


This study was carried out to determine the susceptibility of E coli strains isolated from broiler and layer chicken with colisepticemia to antibiotics used in poultry industry in the country. A total of fifty seven E. coli strains isolated from 43 broiler and14 layer farms with colisepticemia in Khartoum and Gezera state were investigated for antimicrobial susceptibility to ten antibiotic agents of Veterinary and human significant .Antibiotic activity against the isolate were determined by Disc diffusion test .Antimicrobial resistance of isolates was found for Gentamycin (26%) and Ciprofloxacin (39%) as less resistant antibiotic, Lincomycin (98%) and kanamycin and amoxicillin (95%) as more resistant antibiotics. multiple drug resistances were observed in all isolates. Twenty nine different resistance patterns were demonstrated Results obtained confirmed the presence of antibiotic resistant to poultry pathogen in poultry farms in Khartoum and Gezera State. It is recommended that antibiotic use in the management of collibacillosis in the farms should be based on the result of susceptibility tests because other than poultry health problems transmission of resistant E coli to human can occur.

Key words: antibiotic susceptibility. Colisepticemia, Escherichia coli, Chicken, Khartoum and Gezera, Sudan

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