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Antibiotics production from dumpsites microbes using bioassay technology: A case study of anka and Talata Mafara Local Government Areas

Abdulhayatu Musa Anka


Microorganisms plays a significant roles in the quantitative assay of compounds such as amino acids, vitamins, and antibiotics, while soil is a diverse ecosystem which supports the growth of countless organisms, be it plants, animals, or microbes. Microbes are the internal part of every food chain as they decompose the dead and decay organic matter from refuse dumpsites into simple molecule, which they use for their nutrition. Microorganisms consume wastes, and release toxins to the living cells; they also convert wastes into safe by-products antibiotics. This research assesses some selected refuse dumpsites in Anka, and Talata Mafara local government areas, to investigate the activities of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics from refuse dumpsites, and make constructive recommendations as “these microbes are friends and enemies” in our living habitat.

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